Warmth utilisation from effluent

AWZI Harnachpolder - Nabezinktank

The effluent of WWTP Harnaschpolder has a certain temperature, that makes it possible to extract warmth from the effluent by means of high yield heat exchangers. The warmth can be used for room heating or cooling, for heating of tap water for houses, offices and (social) services in the direct neighbourhood of the WWTP.

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The Warmth Company Eneco Delft (WBED) is a cooperation between the municipalities of Delft and Midden-Delfland, energy supplier Eneco and the housing corporations Vidomes, DuWo and Woonbron. Next to the WTP Harnaschpolder, the WBED is constructing a warmth station, which will supply warmth to the housing area, located south of the WWTP Harnaschpolder.

AWZI Harnaschpolder - Aftapafsluiters nabezinktanks

Savings of fossil fuels

The most important means of production of warmth is a warmth pump, which extracts warmth from the treated water of the WWTP Harnaschpolder. A warmth pump with this capacity has not yet been applied in The Netherlands before. This exploitation results in considerable savings of fossil fuels and thus contributes to a reduction of NOx- and CO2-emissions. Expectations are that the warmth station will become operational in the course of 2012.