Veolia Water

Veolia Water Nederland

The world leader in water and wastewater services, Veolia Water offers its expertise and services for every phase of the water cycle for local Public Authorities and private industrial companies: from collecting water from natural sources to treatment, storage and distribution, through to treatment of wastewater, including its recycling. Veolia Water wide range of solutions helps at optimising the water cycle, e.g.:

  • designing and building complete installation and supplying water and waste water treatment systems;
  • supplying water and wastewater services to local Authorities, under the framework of Public Private Partnership, based on middle / long-term contracts and taking into account environmental awareness;
  • outsourcing services and systems for producing process water and waste water treatment for industrial clients.
Houtrust detail

Its technical expertise, which guarantees its competitive edge, enables Veolia Water to rise to the challenges posed by population growth and urbanization, stricter environmental standards, the emphasis on public health, the growing acceptance of the outsourcing model as an efficient alternative to the Public sector management and the refocusing of industrial clients on their core business.

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Role in the Delfluent consortium

Veolia Water participates for 11% in the Delfluent consortium. Its engineering and technology subsidiary, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, also acts as leader in the design and construction works with the other Dutch consortium members.